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20 Sep 2023 at 22:58 No forks provided, no receipt. Really unsatisfied. Only the delivery time was fast.
27 Apr 2023 at 22:06 Bon repas et livraison parfaite, les plats ├ętait encore bien chaud!
14 Mar 2023 at 0:21 I got a chapati and butter chicken. The butter chicken was good but I would have liked a bit more rice. The chapati however was not as good but not bad either. I think I would older again in the future as I somewhat satisfied.
11 Oct 2022 at 22:18 Thank you very much for nice food. Delivery was on time.
26 Sep 2022 at 18:02 I couldn't pick my order because the order was accepted to be prepared 60 minutes later than the selected time slot. I hope that someone else was hungry.
7 Sep 2022 at 22:52 Thank you for the food and smooth delivery.
25 Jul 2022 at 20:10 top
11 Jun 2022 at 21:38 Great food, maybe the helping could gave been bigger... but i will reorder.
22 Apr 2022 at 10:46 Biryani was horrible.. no taste at all. Felt like normal chicken curry cooked was mixed into boiled rice. No signature biryani seemed to have been used. The tikka boti also lacked taste. Never ordering here again.
17 Apr 2022 at 15:38 Lekkere kip madras
15 Apr 2022 at 9:51 lekker, maar lange leveringsduur en een bakje rijst vergeten. toch tevreden over de kwaliteit
21 Mar 2022 at 22:17 Het eten is zeer lekker en zeer schappelijke prijzen! Het duurde wel veel te lang voor het aankwam.